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This page lists the Items in Between the Stars.

Blueprints[edit | edit source]

Crew items[edit | edit source]

Item Picture Description Action Points
Bulletproof Vest Bts bulletproof.png A common bulletproff vest. Protects the user from any projectile impact quite well. 1
SMC Vest Bts smcvest.png Bulletproof vest worm by the SMC security forces. 2
Fragmentation Grenade Bts fraggrenade.png A common fragmentation grenade. When exploded, it launches shrapnel in a 30 meter radius. 2
SMC Submachine Gun Bts submachine.png Official rifle used by members of the SMC security forces. 2
Sniper Rifle Bts sniperrifle.png A sniper rifle with high lens optics. Capable of causing precise damage. 3
Grenade Launcher Bts grenadelauncher.png A powerfull weapon capable of launching grenades with high precision to any enemy. 3

Ship items[edit | edit source]